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26. September, 2009:
Made some new blog, and work on a shemale related blog network the first will be come early november.

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21. july, 2009:
Back to the business i am unable to live without pornography i want to advertise. I start to recheck and recreate my network welcome everybody i come back.

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15. may , 2008:
I made my first five tgp i think is not a bad work i start to feed it 5k unique is online now so i am very happy. But there is a lot of work with it.

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31. szept , 2007:
25 blog of my are ready if you want to see them check out My Blog Portfolio I am not generating auto blogs i made all of them personaly so the quality is good and the visitors satisfaczion is high.

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31. Aug , 2007:
First of all i make some blog nearly 10 i have i try the tumblogger and other stuff and i like it. I think this is a good begining. generate 1000 uniqu hits a sponsor in one mounth. :)

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18. May , 2007:
And this is the begining of a new story. I decided to build my empire and the first some step is start.

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18. Oct , 2008:
My march

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"Pornography Time Statistics:

Every second - $3,075.64 is being spent on pornography
Every second - 28,258 Internet users are viewing pornography
Every second - 372 Internet users are typing adult search terms into search engines
Every 39 minutes: a new pornographic video is being created in the United States

Internet Pornography Statistics

Pornographic websites 4.2 million (12% of total websites)
Pornographic pages 420 million
Daily pornographic search engine requests 68 million (25% of total search engine requests)
Daily pornographic emails 2.5 billion (8% of total emails)
Internet users who view porn 42.7%
Received unwanted exposure to sexual material 34%
Average daily pornographic emails/user 4.5 per Internet user
Monthly Pornographic downloads (Peer-to-peer) 1.5 billion (35% of all downloads)
Daily Gnutella "child pornography" requests 116,000
Websites offering illegal child pornography 100,000
Sexual solicitations of youth made in chat rooms 89%
Youths who received sexual solicitation 1 in 7 (down from 2003 stat of 1 in 3)
Worldwide visitors to pornographic web sites 72 million visitors to pornography: Monthly
Internet Pornography Sales $4.9 billion

Adult Internet Pornography Statistics

Men admitting to accessing pornography at work 20%
US adults who regularly visit Internet pornography websites 40 million
Promise Keeper men who viewed pornography in last week 53%
Christians who said pornography is a major problem in the home 47%
Adults admitting to Internet sexual addiction 10%
Breakdown of male/female visitors to pornography sites 72% male - 28% female

Women and Pornography

Women keeping their cyber activities secret 70%
Women struggling with pornography addiction 17%
Ratio of women to men favoring chat rooms 2X
Percentage of visitors to adult websites who are women 1 in 3 visitors
Women accessing adult websites each month 9.4 million
Women admitting to accessing pornography at work 13%"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim

2007. June 06.

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Some of our project. Mostly Adult but we have some advertising and Design work, and Some very alternative project

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